All-in-One Project Management

I focus on consulting and development services in the following fields:
  • Webbased applications and distributed systems
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications (Android)
  • Virtual Reality simulation and game development
With more than 15 years of experience in information technologies, I will guide and manage your IT project all the way from your initial idea to post-launch maintenance. Whether it is the realisation of a new custom-made Resource Management System, your new mobile-friendly website or anything in between: I will take care of planning your project, the selection and coordination of any specialists involved, and ensure the cost effective and on-time completion. Of course, I am also available to assist your existing project team with any combination of the services listed below.

Legacy Migration & Project Recovery

I specialize in the work with legacy systems, particularly:
  • Resuming work and maintenance on projects that were either abandoned by or overburdening their previous developers. This includes bugfixes as well as the extension with new features.
  • Identifiying bottlenecks and improving performance on critically stressed systems. Either through reprogramming problematic components or by means of various replication and load sharing techniques.
  • Assuring the smooth and complete migration of databases to newer systems.

Additional Services

  • Lectures and courses about programming in general, programming techniques and design patterns
  • Webshop setup, customisation, payment services and hosting
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Consulting
  • 3D Model Design and Rendering
  • API Design

Road Map To Your Project


Requirements Analysis

In close collaboration with you and your key employees I will assess the current state of your business processes, define improvements and goals for your future IT landscape, and compile a comprehensive technical guide to realise these ambitions.

Technology Consulting & Architecture Design

Based on the results of the analysis phase, I will create an in-depth design of the system- and software-architecture most suited to your company, your existing processes and your customers. I will also outline the optimal set of frameworks and technologies to deploy, illustrate possible alternatives and their pros and cons, as well as assemble a modular catalogue of work packages and their associated cost.

Development Phase

While each minute invested in a thorough system specification of course saves two minutes of development time, I embrace the core believes of agile methods nevertheless, combining the best of both worlds. Following an early-delivery approach, you as a customer are able to monitor the process of development right from the beginning. The development team in turn can continuously react to your input and incorporate changes and extra features without conventional amounts of overhead.

Low-Impact System Launch

I will look to a smooth and mostly unnoticeable migration from any of its predecessors or existing databases. In fact, it was already built with that as a first-category design goal in mind, and the transition process has been thoroughly tested multiple times beforehand. In the following weeks we will keep everything under close surveillance and remain available for 24/7 support, until a flawless operation and the familiarisation of your employees and customers with the new system is assured.

Hosting & Maintenance

If a web based solution has been created and in case you do not want to maintain your own servers, I will also take care of that for you. Constant performance monitoring and a timely reaction to security threats go without saying. We will periodically re-evaluate the original requirements analysis in order to identify advisable upgrades to your system and keep it fit for future challenges.

Core Technologies

This is an excerpt of the core technologies I love to work with. For a more thorough overview of my previous projects, please refer to my CV (German).

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